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Whether you vacuum every day or once a month, your carpets will eventually need a more intensive clean to keep them looking their best. Furniture upholstery can be soiled even worse in a shorter amount of time. Lima Carpet Corp. can clean and restore your carpets and upholstery to like-new conditions in a speedy, safe, satisfactory way. Keep your home beautiful and clean, and your family safe and healthy with regular carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Think of everything that can get trapped in your carpets and furniture upholstery on a daily basis. Dirt and grime from the bottoms of shoes, or even bare feet, dead skin cells, pet dander, dust mites, spilled food...the list goes on and on. Even regular vacuuming isn’t intensive enough to remove ground in contaminants, and doesn’t do much in the way of stain removal. Lima Carpet Corp.’s carpet and upholstery cleaning service takes care of the areas deep between the fibers, ensuring a clean that you’ll notice immediately.

You'll see the difference

Ground in dirt and grime build up in carpets and upholstery slowly and subtly. Chances are you’ll never notice it happening, until one day you move a bookshelf and realize how much cleaner the carpet is underneath it, or flip the couch cushion and notice a much brighter color. When you have your carpets and couches professionally cleaned by Lima Carpet Corp., you’ll be shocked at the difference. The bright, vibrant colors that once characterized your now dingy floors and furniture can be restored.

We keep it convenient ​
Vacuuming often won’t keep your floors from needing a more intense cleaning forever, but infrequent vacuuming can lead to faster soiling and worse conditions. If you don’t have time to vacuum, then you certainly don’t have time to wait on an uncooperative cleaning company. Even if you have the time, you could be using it for much more important things. That’s why Lima Carpet Corp. works with your schedule, and gets the job done quickly. We’ll be in and out before you know it, all on your timetable.

Safety first
Dirt, dust, dander and other icky things in your carpets and on your furniture aren’t just unsightly. They can also cause health problems for you and your family. Anyone in your household who suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments will see a sharp reduction in triggers once your floors and furniture are free of allergens and dirt. Even family members who don’t have pre-existing conditions will breathe easier once the air in your home is clean and clear of massive dust mite colonies and pollen tracked in from shoes.

And we mean safety
A lot of carpet and upholstery cleaning companies will try to dupe you into swapping dangerous dirt for the dangerous chemicals that they use in their cleaning process. They use toxic chemicals that make the floor look clean, but can cause harm to your family. Pets and children who spend a lot of time on the floor and put everything in their mouths are particularly at risk. Lima Carpet Corp. uses a safe, tested cleaning solution that is tough on dirt, but gentle on your family.



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